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  • Eli Lilly at ATTD22

    Welcome to this section dedicated to the contributions from Eli Lilly at ATTD22.

    Here you will find:

    • Symposium 1

      Lyumjev® and Tempo™: The Future of Multiple Daily Injection Therapy

      This symposium introduced Tempo™, a Personalized Diabetes Management System and Lyumjev®, a fast-acting mealtime insulin from Eli Lilly.

      Featuring Partha Kar as Chair, and Andreas Liebl and Pratik Choudhary as presenters.

      Click on the link to watch the recording.

    • Symposium 2

      Managing T2D – time to change the paradigm?- Industry Symposium Supported by Eli Lilly and Company.

      This engaging symposium explored new clinical frontiers in the management of type 2 diabetes (T2D).

      Chaired by Christophe de Block, the symposium consisted of two cutting-edge scientific presentations, followed by an open and interactive discussion session. With expert speakers Stefano Del Prato and Tadej Battelino.

      Click on the link to watch the recording.

    • Activity

      Take a look at the history of insulin in this short interactive educational section.